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Mocha Moms, Inc -Detroit Area Chapter



Detroit Area Mocha Moms

History of Mocha Moms, Inc.

Mocha Moms, Inc was founded in 1997 by Jolene Ivy and Karla Chutz initially as a newsletter called "Mocha Moms." The newsletters purpose was to connect and offer support to moms of color who chose to take time off work to raise their children. Cheli English Figaro teamed with Jolene and Karla and decided that the newsletter should become an actual organization. The first chapter was chartered in '97 in Prince Georges County, Maryland. Mocha Moms, Inc. was incorporated in 1999 and received 501 (c)(3) non-profit status in January 2002. Mocha Moms Inc now has over 120 chapters nationwide.

Mocha Moms National Website

Mission and Purpose

Mocha Moms is a support group for mothers of color who have chosen not to work full-time outside of the home in order to devote more time to their families. While many of our members have eliminated employment altogether, others work part-time, flex-time, night shifts, have home-based businesses, consult or freelance from home or have chosen alternative, less demanding career paths so that they are more available to their families. Our goal is to support the decisions made by our members. We will never pass judgment on mothers who choose to make or are forced to make different decisions for their families. Mocha Moms welcomes people of all religions, races, educational backgrounds and income levels. Anyone who supports the mission of Mocha Moms is welcome to join.

Detroit Area Chapter Info

The Detroit Area Chapter of Mocha Moms was founded July of 2002. The four charter members of the Detroit chapter (Alice Coleman, Maria Alston, Adrienne Foster, and Felicia Oliver) began meeting to establish the Detroit chapter of Mocha Moms in July of 2002. The chapter received its official charter in September 2002. The first "Open House" for prospective members was held in October 2002.

Today, the Detroit Chapter has a membership of 45 phenomenal women. We are from different economic, educational, and professional backgrounds, with a common thread--Motherhood. Our chapters purpose is to support each mother in the decisions that she chooses for her family. We recognize that mothers are women first and foremost. In that we honor all members by bringing to their lives, a sense of community among other women like themselves, and offer enrichment through activities that allow them to renew their spirits and encourage self care. Self-care is absent in the lives of many at-home mothers, but it is crucial to maintaining a sense of well-being and balance.

Benefits of Joining

Local Chapter Participation
Participate in all local chapter events and activities, including mothers' support meeting with topics pertinent to your life as an at-home mother, community service projects, moms' only night outs, and kids' socials.

Sisterhood and Community
Work in concert with mothers who understand your perspective as a stay at home mother of color, who share your experiences and who will both learn from you and teach you what they know.

Use and develop leadership and management skills by taking a leadership role in your chapter. Chapter leadership offers a wonderful opportunity to use and hone your talents while remaining home with your children.

Participation in all national, regional and state Mocha Moms, Inc. functions.

We invite anybody interested in supporting our mission and purpose to join us. Members must be able to dedicate enough time to participate and make a difference in the organization.

How Can You Join?
Submit your application and $40 membership dues online.
After you have completed the membership process, please forward a copy of your membership confirmation email to us at:
for faster processing.

2009 on-line application

If you would prefer a paper application, please complete the information below and one will be emailed to you. Thank You.

Thank you for your interest in Mocha Moms. Fill in the information below and someone will contact you as soon as possible. 

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Disclaimer: The National Chapter of Mocha Moms, Incorporated is not responsible for the design and content of these web pages. They are the sole responsibility of the Detroit Area Chapter.

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