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Mocha Moms, Inc -Detroit Area Chapter


Prospective members are welcome to learn more about us before joining by attending two open activities. Please contact us for additional information by clicking on the link below.
Click here to go to the home page to complete your contact information

Support Group

The purpose of this time is to occupy our children with constructive activity and to connect with each other. Support groups can take place in community centers, playgrounds, and members homes--any place that works and is free. We have informal discussions on many different topics. It serves as an opportunity for mothers to talk, laugh and catch up.

Monthly Events

Join Mochas for monthly fun and fellowship at various monthly events like Coffee Chat, Mocha Night Out, Couples Night Out, and family get-togethers.

Mocha Night Out & Coffee Chats are opportunities for us to talk, connect, and discuss topics that are important to us. Members may go to the movies, relax in a local coffee house, out to dinner, to a health club/spa or to a members home.

Mommy & Me Outings

Mocha Moms and Mocha Kids alike take part in outings enjoying the city's sights. We make time to expose our children to various educational as well as playtime activities; trips to zoo, museums, story time at the library, and a host of other venues. Come and join the fun.

Community Service

Community service and outreach is a key part of Mocha Moms, Inc. We are required to perform two community service projects each year.

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